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 I am Wanda Luark, the owner.  I am located in southwest Oklahoma. I am a reputable, USDA, and State licensed  breeder.  I have been a professional breeder since 1994.  I began this journey as a hobby but my love for pets and people soon flourished into a full time business. In the past twenty nine years,  I have become experienced and  knowledgeable in producing top quality puppies.

    I specialize in breeding small lap dogs.  I have experience in raising maltese, yorkies, etc.  I strive to connect the perfect pet with the perfect family.

 We are happy to provide assistance and answer any questions regarding our puppies and the purchasing process. Please contact us anytime.


Kennel Assistant


Hello.  I am Jade Airington and the assistant to Wanda Luark at Tea cup puppies galleria. I have been employed here for the past three years.  I chose this position due to my love for animals. I love to provide care and socialization for the puppies on a daily basis.

I have gained a great deal of experience and skill at selecting the perfect and ideal puppy for the right family.

I am always here to answer any questions regarding the puppies.

Please contact Tea Cup Puppies anytime.

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