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Our Home away from Home


Hello! Welcome to Teacup Puppies Galleria.  I am Wanda Luark, the owner of this small family-owned facility. We are located in the beautiful State of Oklahoma on three wooded acres. We keep our dogs in a clean, climate-controlled environment. They have plenty of room to exercise and run about. We feed our dogs only the best pet food. It is high quality and all natural. All of our dogs receive the best pet care available. We mostly use all natural products. We do not use any products in/on our dogs that is not absolutely necessary. We treat our dogs as family and strive to place them with the perfect family. We are licensed by USDA and the State of Oklahoma. We welcome you to review our inspection report. I also encourage you to check with my veterinarian. We have been breeding these beautiful puppies for over thirty years. We do not always have puppies available. We prefer to have only autumn and spring puppies. We do have a few select puppies in the summer. We will be happy to assist you with the selection of your puppy. We will also be here to assist you after the sale with any questions you may have regarding your puppy. It is imperative to continue the vaccination process which consists of three to four sets of vaccinations. This should continue until the puppy is 14 to 16 weeks old. You should follow the advice of your vet in connection with the deworming process. We recommend a playpen for your puppy. Place a pee pad, food, water, warm bed, and toys in the play pen. This will help them feel safe and secure.   The puppy should never have run of the house until fully house broken. A puppy should never be crated except for short periods of time until he is older. With these tips and a little love and patience, the process of acquiring a new puppy will be a rewarding and long-lasting relationship.

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