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Comitted to you 

and your new friend

We offer 10 days viral guarantee and one year genetic guarantee. We recommend the customers take the new puppy to their vet within three working days.


TeaCup Puppies Galleria is licenced by both the USDA and the state of Oklahoma.


If within ten days of receipt of pet, buyer provides written proof that pet had prior health problems or disease, the pet will be deemed unfit for sale.  The purchaser shall be entitled to return pet to seller for full reimbursement of pet excluding all shipping costs.
If pet dies purchaser will provide necropsy report and all lab results to seller.
If pet is sick, seller may request a vet exam of the sellers choosing at the expense of seller.
Deposits are nonrefundable unless the seller is unable to deliver pet. If seller is unable to deliver pet, the deposit will be refunded.
There are no guarantees on weight and size of pet. Seller can only provide estimate.
Toy breeds are extremely fragile and additional care will be needed to ensue proper care of pet. Failure to provide care of pet, may result in hypoglycemia and dehydration. There is no guarantee against hypoglycemia. It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that pet is properly fed.
We the sellers are not responsible for any vet bills the purchaser may incur.
Buyer has read and agrees to all terms and conditions of sale.

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